Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Radiate Joy

The LifeTeen experience in Kansas this week continues to be one of great grace. 

Over 500 youth from around the USA convened at Benedictine College to begin a week-long Leadership Conference with a theme called: Radiate Joy.

The LifeTeen team encouraged all to dive "into the deep" from the very beginning of the week. Too many of us are cautious and hesitant in embracing what Christ wants of us. For some reason, each of us have been called to LTLC and we decide how we will respond to that specific calling.

In the midst of all the high school students we repeatedly heard that, Jesus is the one with the power to save us, and this fact should not remain an untold story. 

Jesus rescues us from sin through the gift of forgiveness. And by the evening hour, hundreds of teens were in prayer walks, meditating at the Grotto, or standing in Reconciliation lines at the Abbey Church.

Christ saves us from illness by working for healing in our bodies, minds and spirits. He breaks our social isolation by giving us a place in his community of faith. He rescues us from death through his promise of eternal life with God.

We do not have to fear, because Jesus saves. Let's believe, and tell the story.