Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Pentecost

On Pentecost Sunday, we prayed that we not fear the life the Spirit offers us.
We prayed for the Spirit to come into our lives -- and to change us...

Come, Holy Spirit,
once more fill my heart
with the fire and power of your gifts.

Come, Holy Spirit,
fill up wisdom's lamp,
come enlighten my mind and my will.

Come, Holy Spirit,
light the way: help me see and embrace
all that God has revealed.

Come, Holy Spirit:
with knowledge of truth,
brand my mind and my heart with God's Word.

Come, Holy Spirit,
my beacon of counsel
for judgments both prudent and pure.

Come, Holy Spirit
and kindle my courage
to do what is right, what is just.

Come, Holy Spirit
and stoke my desire
to humble myself before God.

Come, Holy Spirit,
light the flame of your presence
and draw me to reverence and prayer.

Come, Holy Spirit,
flood my heart with your gifts
and my soul with the breath of your peace.

Come, Holy Spirit,
to the Father's love draw me
through my, Savior, my Lord Jesus Christ.