Monday, March 28, 2011

Have you seen Jesus today?

So, how many times during this Lent has Jesus crossed our paths
in the middle of our quite ordinary days…

Have we seen Him - or have we missed Him?

How many times did He come to offer us just what we needed?
Even if we ourselves have been denying our need for what the Lord has to offer us.

How many times has Jesus gently probed our deepest wounds, our sins? 
Not to judge or condemn us, but to heal and forgive us.

Lent is a time for keeping our eyes and hearts open for Jesus
who often comes to us in times, in places, in ways we least expect.

He comes to help and to heal the wounds we’d like to hide,
to heal what our hungers and thirsts have done to us,
to give us food and drink that truly satisfy and nourish and nurture us.

And He can tell you and He can tell me everything we’ve ever done.

And so he does,
that in the telling we might be healed
and in the healing we might be saved