Friday, June 4, 2010

Follow your heart: commit to integrity

Think about it. While Hanz and Franz might give us an image of masculinity, we know that a spiritual man must commit himself to something greater than just his physical image. In fact, a truly spiritual man must commit himself to satisfying the needs of just a few people. He is not willing to be domesticated, but he is willing to accept the responsibility that comes with challenges. He knows that when he shirks obligation, he becomes something less than a spiritual man. When others observe that the man is unyieldingly dedicated to his values and ideals, he gains their trust and respect. The clearest way for a man to lose the respect of others (as well as his self-respect) is to violate his own values.

Life will test the spiritual man to see if he is willing to put loyalty to others ahead of loyalty to his own principles. The spiritual man will be offered many temptations to expose his true loyalties. A spiritual man’s greatest reward is to live with integrity. And his greatest punishment is what he inflicts upon himself for placing anything above his integrity. Whenever the spiritual man sacrifices his integrity, he loses his freedom and himself as well.