Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Power of Confession

Here is another blog entry from the same student on the topic of Confession:

"Confession is a very powerful and sometimes misunderstood sacrament. Many people find it difficult to confess their sins cause they would have to admit they have done something wrong and tell another person about it. This fear is natural because, well, we are human. We don't like to admit we have messed up once or twice. However to admit we have failed allows us to draw closer to Christ when we acknowledge "yes we are sinners and need to be saved." That was the whole purpose of Christ coming to earth, to free us from sin.

Now back to confession. I know there is a lot of fear when this comes up. Like I said before it is hard to admit we are wrong. Also, can we remember all our sins. Then the really big part, are we truly sorry. Are we truly sorry, and will we do our best not to sin or at least perform that sin again?

Its seems sometimes there is no reason to go to confession. The media and others can make it seem like a big joke. I have seen several times on television a scene where someone enters the confessional and makes a big joke out of it. Reconciliation is a great gift of God's Mercy. Other people say, "I don't believe if a person just says 'o I am sorry' and puff they are forgiven." True confession is not just words, but sorrow for those sins, making a decision to not sin again, and finally doing you penance.

I personally feel confession is a healthy thing to do. Whenever I am going through a rough time or just feel like somethings wrong one of the things I do is go to confession. Now don't worry I am not using confession as a sort of cure all just to talk to someone, sin really can make you feel terrible. I know ever time I have gone to Confession,  it is as though my eyes have been opened to see the world differently. Everything seems right, even for just that small moment.

So take the time and go to confession. If it has been a while that's ok. There is always a chance to change and to be forgiven. Experience the Mercy of God, through this wonderful Sacrament.

John 1: 29

Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.