Friday, March 12, 2010

Lenten Plan III

Well, we are racing through Lent and almost half way towards Easter.

So, how's your Lent been so far? Have you been faithful to exercises of prayer, fasting and almsgiving?

Or did you have a good start and just fizzled out?

The "devil in the desert" would like nothing more than for you to give up on Lent. Well, to hell with the devil!

Life is about second chances. Start Lent right now! No, don't say it is not worth it! Find 10 minutes a day to sit still and remember that God is present... that's called prayer.

Choose some form of comfort (food or Southern?)whose absence for 40 days will create an empty space the Spirit might rush to fill...that's called fasting.

Reach out to the poor on your own or through your a Lenten Program...that's called almsgiving.

Find some way to remind yourself daily that you are living in the season of Lent. Sometimes it is as simple as a post-it on your bathroom mirror with the word LENT on it, It doesn't have to be fancy, just keep it simple. In some way, remember to pray, fast and reach out to the poor everyday.

Lent is a spiritual spring time wherever you live and it is not too late to plant the seeds of Lent in your life.