Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Real Deal

Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow will appear in a 30-second commercial paid for by Focus on the Family. The ad will be seen by 100 million individuals and cost a little over 2 million dollars.

Steven Ertelt at LifeNews explains how pro-abortion groups and so-called women’s organizations are trying to get the ad pulled by CBS.

Over the next couple weeks you will hear lots of reasons why various organizations and individuals want CBS to do this. It is obvious there is only one real reason: these figures do not want a hundred million Americans to be exposed to a powerful pro-life message.

After all, Jim Geraghty writes “We’ve seen GoDaddy and endless crass Super Bowl ads, but isn’t it great Tim Tebow wasn’t aborted crosses a line, apparently.”

And Peggy Nance of Concerned Women for America says she “can’t remember NOW [the pro-abortion National Organization for Women] complaining about misogynistic ads” which have appeared over the years during the Super Bowl.

Pro-abortion and “women’s organizations” have squandered their moral capital, and their “outrage” over the airing of this ad is laughable. If they truly wanted to uplift the dignity of women they would not oppose an ad which only affirms the dignity of a mother choosing life for her child.

Isn't it great to see that CBS is realizing that times are changing fast. America is finally becoming more and more open to the message of life.

Last year CatholicVote’s Imagine spot was rejected by both CNN and NBC. It went on to become an internet hit. Over two million viewers have seen the one below on YouTube: