Sunday, January 17, 2010

Marianists Brothers in Haiti


Thanks to several SM messages, we know that all our Brothers are in good health, but the situation in Port-au-Prince is very difficult. The Prenovitiate house is totally destroyed and the Novitiate uninhabitable. They must sleep outdoors. The aftershocks continue. Emergency services are being organized, but with great difficulty.

After careful discernment, our Brothers decided to send the pre-novices, the novices and the two Haitian temporary professed in the country (Bros. Eddy and Chevalier) home to their families. In their families there are several injured and even some dead.

The formators are returning to their own countries for a time of rest: Father Florian Royer-Chabot to Canada, Brothers Stanislas Limdeyou to France and then to Togo (if he can get there) and Hervé Guillo du Bodan to France. The two latter should be in Paris on Saturday by the end of the day. Father Gustave Lamontagne, who had gone for a two-month stay in Haiti, is remaining at St-Louis-du-Sud where he was at the time of the earthquake.

Let us pray for our Brothers, for our candidates, for the future of our foundation in Haiti, and let us be thankful for the protection they have already received. Let us pray also, of course, for the people of Haiti and invite the generosity of others to help them recover. Let us put that intention foremost in our prayers at this time of celebration of our Founders, especially on January 22, the feast of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade.
The Feast day of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade is Friday, January 22nd.
Pray for vocations!