Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rediscover God

We surely live in “secular” times. If you ask any of our Latin students they cloud tell you the word means “world.” And our modern age is quite worldly. We may think it has always been that way, but such is not the case. While it is the human condition to be a little preoccupied with ourselves, previous times have featured a much more religious focus than our own.

The Middle Ages were particularly known for the way in which faith permeated the culture and our daily experience.

In those days the holidays were the HOLYdays.
The time of year centered around the Church’s calendar of saints and feasts.
It wasn’t Winter it was advent and Christmastide.
The word Christmas was ChristMASS.
Halloween was All Hallows Eve, the evening before All Saints Day.
Three times every day the Church bells rang the “Angelus” calling Catholics to a moment of prayer in honor of the incarnation. The Bells also rang summoning Catholics to Mass and vespers.

Those days were not perfect days but they were sure more spiritual and the Christians everywhere were constantly reminded of the presence of God by the culture in which they lived. Seldom so today.

But the truth is, God is everywhere.

Creation is a revelation of and experience of God’s love and providence.

We are enveloped by God. We are caught up into his presence.

The culture today will seldom encourage us to return to “public displays of affection” for God .
But maybe we can try some things that would intentionally put God in our day.
Maybe we could just give some thanks before a meal. Maybe we could also plan on saying a grace at meals.