Wednesday, July 1, 2020


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St. Basil the Great (300-379) gives a great insight both into the role of the Psalms. He begins by asking, “What did the Holy Spirit do when he saw that the human race was not led easily to virtue, and that due to our penchant for pleasure we gave little heed to an upright life?” He inspired an entire book of the Bible that’s entirely dedicated to sacred music, the Psalms.

When we approach the Psalms today, we encounter them in translation, and most often read, rather than sung, but it’s worth remembering that this was sort of the songbook of Israel.

St. Gregory writes:

A psalm is the tranquility of souls, the arbitor of peace, restraining the disorder and turbulence of thoughts, for it softens the passion of the soul and moderates its unruliness. A psalm forms friendships, unites the divided, mediates between enemies. For who can still consider him and enemy with whom he has sent forth one voice to God? So that the singing of psalms brings love, the greatest of good things, contriving harmony like some bond of union and uniting the people in the symphony of a single choir.