Saturday, May 23, 2020

Mary, House of Gold

Saint John Henry Newman explains the beautiful name House of Gold that Christian tradition has given to the Mother of God. 

She is compared to gold because it is the most precious metal. 

“Therefore it is that Mary too is called golden; because her graces, her virtues, her innocence, her purity, are of that transcendent brilliancy and dazzling perfection.” 

But she is more than this; she is a House of Gold or Golden Palace because 

“She is the house and the palace of the Great King, of God Himself.” 

Jesus was born in this holy house; he took his flesh and blood from this house.

Holy Mary, Domus Aurea, we venerate you as Mother of Jesus, Our Lord and King. 
You now stand next to the King arrayed in Gold and we wish to be your servants.