Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Marianist Postulant Assists

(Rome, Italy)

About four years ago, the first homeless people in Rome were able to take advantage of three showers and a small barbershop, opened for them by Pope Francis under St. Peter's Colonnade.

The showers operate every day except Wednesdays during the Pope's general audience and when celebrations take place at St. Peter's or in the square. On the various days, the service is provided by volunteers who alternate, among whom are the Marianist Sisters, along with postulants and young students who have stayed in Rome.

The volunteers are in charge of the reception of the "homeless", offering them a complete change of underwear, towel, soap, toothpaste, razor and shaving foam for the shower, and keeping the place clean.
Olivia (Marianist Postulant) 
Participated in this work

They also spend time with the poor who want to talk, offering them some food as well.

During the days when Italy is being hit by the coronavirus epidemic, the government insists on the "Io resto a casa" (I'm staying at home) campaign.

Let us pray this month for all the homeless.

Sr. Michela Messina, FMI
Olivia Razanamalala