Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It's Back

We have returned to Ordinary Time since we have completed Christmastide.

Nothing can seem extraordinary until you have discovered what is ordinary. 
- C. S. Lewis

While we have put away all the decorations and have put an end to the countless Christmas carols, 
we now focus on Ordinary Time.

Our music for this season is wide and varied. There is an almost endless variety of songs to choose for the liturgy.

Our songs can be celebratory or even more somber.

Lent is a time of inner reflection. Easter is a time for rejoicing in the Resurrection of Our Lord and the promises He brings. Advent is anticipation. Christmas we rejoice in the birth of Our Lord.

It is in Ordinary Time that we celebrate the seemingly mundane and the ho-hum of every day life.

Jesus shows us the inestimable value of ordinary time. As the Jesuit theologian John Haughey comments, during Jesus’s time in Nazareth God fashioned him into “the instrument God needed for the salvation of the world.” In Nazareth, Jesus speaks to the meaning and worth of our ordinary lives. 
- James Martin, S.J. from his book, Jesus: A Pilgrimage