Monday, November 9, 2015

Marianist Monday

Marianist spirit is family spirit

On Thursday we have a vocation evening in the Kellenberg Memorial Community known as Operation Fiat. It is a chance for those pondering religious life to have a look at a Marianist community and chat with some of the Brothers about the Community, our life, and our mission. The young men will spend the evening in Adoration, Benediction, Evening Prayer, dinner, and conversation.

While there will be many things that these young men experience, they will experience Marianist spirituality?

For us as Marianists,  our spiritual life is one that is guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit in all its aspects and dimensions. Our founder Blessed Chaminade left us a way of life and a mission. Yet if this tradition is to lead both those that hear us teach and the Brothers themselves to God, it must be founded on the one true God. That is, it must be founded on love. Hence a loving family spirit - that leads us to Jesus through Mary - the motto of the Marianists.

The New Testament inspires the whole of our community life. We are guided by this new commandment of love. If we forget this commandment, our life together will be a source of ruin. If this commandment of love directs our actions, our community life will rekindle with joy, inspire love and esteem our vocation, attract others to share our life, and strengthen our apostolic work of education.

So pray for these young men who will be with us on Thursday evening, that they would be open to the graces and the invitation of the Holy Spirit to be Marianists.