Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Papal Thoughts

2015 is the Year of Consecrated Life

I am sure all are pleased to share my joy that Pope Francis has announced that 2015 will be celebrated as “The Year of Consecrated Life”, a special time to celebrate God’s gift of Consecrated Religious life to the Church and world. While there are a seemingly endless variety of ministries and works undertaken by Consecrated Religious, ranging from serving the poor, promoting social justice, health care, education, missionary and preaching ministries, prayer and worship, spiritual direction, hospitality, etc., what we all have in common is the intense love of Jesus and Mary, as well as, the desire to bring Christ's Presence and Love to the world.

Perhaps most significantly in our modern culture, Religious bear witness to a life that is different, by making the love of God through Mary and selfless service to neighbor in His Name the ultimate priority.

As Pope Francis has said:

“A radical approach is required of all Christians, but Religious persons are called upon to follow the Lord in a special way: They are men and woman who should be able to wake up the world. Consecrated life is prophecy.”