Friday, January 6, 2012

What gifts do you bring?

This weekend we recall the visit of the three wise men. While they are often referred to as kings, it is probably more likely that they were astrologers familiar in some way with the coming of the Messiah.

Whatever their background; they were wise men from the East who were provoked to action by a star which signaled Christ’s birth. They came to worship at the feet of the new born King, each bearing a uniquely valuable gift.

So, what gifts do you bring to the King?

The Magi came before Jesus bearing gifts of incredible value. God has placed gifts of incredible value inside of each one of us. Just as the Magi brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, each of us bears unique and valuable gifts for the Kingdom of God.

Our calling from God is to share whatever gifts we have in common for the benefit of the mission of the community of faith. I’m terribly afraid that many believers today do not recognize or have not been told what that mission is.

The mission of the church is twofold; to edify the saints and to share the love of Christ with this world which is in desperate need of hope.