Sunday, November 6, 2011

Did you turn clocks back?...

Does God speak in this day and age? Does God speak in 'ordinary time?' Oh yes, God does! But we may have to listen just a little harder in a time when visions are rare. In 'ordinary time' God often speaks in ways that seem so ordinary.

God may speak in ways we don't recognize as God. When things are ordinary, as they are a good bit of the time, we need to listen harder for God's Word to us. We may need to listen harder for God's Word through what seems nothing more than some ordinary voice we've heard so often.

Author Richard Foster suggests that we both hear God speak and speak back to God through our work. "The artist, the novelist, the surgeon, the plumber, the secretary, the lawyer, the homemaker, the farmer, the teacher — all are praying by offering their work up to God."  Foster quotes Saint Ignatius Loyola: "Everything that one turns in the direction of God is prayer."

So, make sure you have turned in the direction of God in prayer. And finally, I hope you have turned your clocks back.

If you haven't turned your clocks back, you've missed out on an extra hour of deserved sleep.