Saturday, December 25, 2010

WE are touched by God

"As one newly born through God's personal choice, as a child born of God, the king embodies hope. On his shoulders the future rests. He is the bearer of the promise of peace. "

"The greatest oxymoron of Christmas is that Jesus, the light and the joy that Isaiah foretold, was born into this world only to die for it. The light of the world was snuffed out on the cross. The lamb of God was sacrificed for our sake and for our salvation. But the light returned brighter than ever. The sacrificial lamb roared back to life as the lion of God, stronger than ever.

Here is one final oxymoronic thought for you to take home this special day: The birth of Christ took place almost 2,000 years ago. The birth of Christ took place last night."

"The Christmas mystery is about the incarnation of the Word made flesh, the Light sent into the darkness, the God who empties himself and becomes a man - so that, as the ancient Fathers taught, men might become as gods. "