Friday, July 16, 2010

Vamos a Madrid - Join us for World Youth Day 2011!

One of the participants in the next World Youth Day is 500 years old!

Well who? Not who, what? The 500 year old monstrance of Arfe will be in one of the principal events of World Youth Day to be celebrated in Madrid. The vigil with the Pope on Saturday night, August 20, 2011, will end with Eucharistic Adoration where this Spanish master work will be utilized. This monstrance is recognized as the one used in the Corpus Christi procession celebrated each year in the streets of Toledo. It measures approximateky nine feet and is made of gold and silver.

The Arfe's monstrance dates from 1524 and claims that it is "the greatest example of Spanish silverwork of all time" and underlines that "the occasion of bringing it to Madrid is well worth the effort."